I started researching bees in 2005 because I thought our vegetable gardens were not producing what they should be considering the amount of work I have put into natural methods of replenshing the soil. On the advice of a friend who happens to raise bees I began my research.

What I found was very alarming. With such things as the overuse and misuse of chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides the wild bee population is suffering.

What most people don't take into consideration, at the time myself included, without bees for pollination our food supply will be reduced dramatically. Fruits, vegetables and crops all need pollination.

I have since setup an apiary. I currently have multiple beehives that I care for. I find the way the bee colonies function to be amazing.

Not only has this greatly increased the amount of produce I get from the same amount of land. I am also rewarded with great tasting honey and also some beeswax which has many, many uses.

I offer the honey at our farm stand or you can order from our Online Store.

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